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Sunriver, Oregon | September 7-8-9, 2018

Congratulations, 2018 Team Cup players, champions and finalists!


Event Pricing

zithromax 500 mg costo Individual Fee (5-member Team): $113
Individual Fee (6-member Team): $95

About Team Cup

The Team Cup Challenge is a gender-based NTRP team tournament. Teams are made up of five or six players and matches consist of one singles and two doubles. The event is held the weekend after Labor Day each September. Dates for this year's tournament are September 7-8-9. Each team is guaranteed three team matches.
There are two parties held as part of the event: a Friday night social, sponsored by Wilson, at the Village Bar & Grill in Sunriver Village; and a Saturday night dinner/dance party at the SHARC (Sunriver Homeowners Association Recreation Center).
Included in your entry fee are court times for all matches, tennis balls, plus fresh fruit, water, and coffee at court sites. Also included are the Saturday night dinner/dance and prizes for winning and runner-up teams.

General Rules

You do not need to be a member of the USTA to play in the Team Cup Challenge. We use the January NTRP ratings for this event, not the mid year ratings.
The Team Cup Challenge is gender based, NTRP rated, team tournament. A team match consists of 1 singles and 2 doubles matches. Brackets with a large number of teams will first play a round robin seeding tournament. Teams will then be placed in one of three single elimination brackets with teams of similar round robin records. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches.  

The team fee covers 5-6 players. Additional players require additional payment. You have the option of paying your team fee, a single player fee for a six member team, or a single player fee for a five member team.
If you have questions, please call Don at 503-702-8942.

Tournament Rules

1. Captains must provide their cell phone number on the Team Registration form in case tournament officials need to contact their team. Team Registration Forms must be turned into the site director at the location of your team's first match. TCC headquarters are located at the Woodlands (formerly North) Golf Course tennis courts.

2. All matches must be regular scoring with a 10-point match tiebreaker played for the 3rd set. If necessary, special scoring options will be utilized by the Team Cup Tournament Committee to ensure that play is completed on time.

3. Match warm-up time will be limited to five (5) minutes. Players needing more time to warm up must do their individual match preparation before going on court. Limiting warm up time helps ensure that each match will be played on time.

4. Coaching will be allowed during change-overs (90-second limit) only. Coaches must be off-court. No on-court coaching will be allowed.

5. USTA rules and regulations will govern play unless modified by the Team Cup Tournament Committee. Modifications to USTA rules will be given to team captains at the Captains' Meetings. The Tournament Committee will handle all NTRP rating appeals. Decisions made by the Tournament Committee  are final. Teams wanting to file an NTRP rating challenge must pay a fee of $25.

Emergency Numbers

If you have a medical or fire emergency need please call 911. If you have a non-emergency issue you can contact the Sunriver Police at 541-593-1014. The Sunriver Fire Department at 541-593-8622. The Sunriver Public Works Department at 541-593-2483.

Rules of the Road

While in Sunriver you CANNOT park your vehicles along side the road or in any unauthorized location. If you have questions about where you can park while playing your match please ask your site director for the specific directions.

Want to Register?

Questions about the event? Give us a call at 503-702-8942, or send us a note at teamcupchallenge@aol.com.